Friday, January 9, 2009

Don't eat Greek after a 7 mile run :(

Yesterday was my husband and my 3 year anniversary. Our rehearsal dinner, and our 1st and 2nd year anniversary dinners were at this great Greek restaurant, Santorini Greek Kitchen. It's very good and they always give you a crapload of food. So all day yesterday at work, I was looking forward to it. I wanted to make sure I had an appetite, and that's part of the reason I ran 7 miles immediately before dinner. Bad idea.

My first mistake was to come home after the run and not drink or eat anything. About 40 minutes after my run, we headed off to the restaurant. We first ordered this great bottle of wine that we always get. After my first sip, I thought it tasted different than before- not that good. Then the feta/pita/cucumber sauce appetizers came and for some reason, they didn't taste that good either.

It sucked...I realized my body was depleted of something and that Greek food was not going to replenish it. That unusual Greek taste that I usually love now disgusted me. So I only ate a tiny bit of the appetizers and then put the rest in a to-go box. Then came our salads, and the gyros- packed on with huge piles of potatoes, green beans, and rice. I took one bite of the gyro and almost puked...and the same happened with the rice. Dangit!

I literally just sat there with tons of food around me and I couldn't eat it. I apologized to the waiter. (Woe is me)

After dinner, we came home and I was able to eat some of my vanilla Wendys frosty. :) Somehow that tasted perfect.

All in all- it was just really interesting to me that even though I was super hungry and I normally like Greek food, my body wouldn't take it because I needed carbs and other stuff. I kept craving a huge pot of spaghetti or even just plain bread. Ohh well. I'm now glad I have tons of leftovers that will last me the rest of the week. (I still have to run today to make my 40mi/wk goal, so hopefully that'll happen wayyy before mealtime).


Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary!!!

Anonymous said...

Hola Clara y esposo

Anonymous said...

Hola Sra. Clarita,
Es posible que por fin he logrado otra vez entrar el mundo de la computadora.
Primero: feliz aniversario. Tu esposo tiene una suerte loco.
Tambien, queria contarte la historia de la carrera "nalgas de manteca" en Pinckney el 27 de diciembre.
Habia bastante nieve que estaba desliando rapidamente. Cada paso fue una aventura. Intentamos correr 50k pero wimpeamos despues de 13 M.
Hasta despues.

Clara said...

Hola Bill! ¿dónde has estado?? hay que usar la computadora más. Gracias por felicitarme. Buscaré la historia de aquella carrera en pinckney. Bien hecho por correr un poco….más que nada. ☺ gracias por hablarme!