Tuesday, June 15, 2010

DWD Devil's Lake 50 Miler

Alright, I'm registered for the 7/10 race in WI! This DWD race will be a new one for me. They cancelled the race a couple of years ago; I think because they got a ton of rain and they had sewage problems or something and all the poop from the Port-o-lets starting leaking. Is that right?

Anyway, I'll go up on Thursday night to spend some time with Heather and then drive back that Sunday. I feel like I should be able to fork out some slow miles, as long as I make sure to warm up the leg beforehand. Four weeks away---Vamos a ver!


Brian said...

I got mad when I read "Thursday night" but then I realized you didn't mean this Thursday. LOL. Good luck on the race!

sparlingville bill said...

Hola Sra,
Que tengas suerte en Baraboo. Yo he tratado de planificar para esa carrera, pero tengo que festejar el dia siguiente, no puedo estar manejando un carro todo el dia.
Antes dijiste que era posible que vayas a Woodstock para intentar cien millas. Yo voy a estar alli haciendo lo mismo.
Espero correr una vuelta contigo si te vayas.

DrT said...

Great! Good luck with your race. I am running my FIRST 50 miler on Saturday (Mohican OH)

Clara said...

Thanks guys!

Dr T: Good luck to you; I hope you enjoy it! I had wanted to run that race but didn't think I'd be ready yet...next year!