Thursday, June 10, 2010

PT & A hot mess run

I had PT yesterday and I'm told to still hold off on ultimate frisbee for now; not 100% cleared yet. We agreed that the PT sessions are forcing me to cross train and stretch and they're still helping my recovery anyway, so I'm going to keep going for a little bit. Mo money down the hole.

After PT I headed to the canal for another run, not having any particular goal in mind (although I thought it'd be nice to do 18). I didn't eat much all day and I didn't have water or food on me so the run wasn't too pleasant.

I stopped at the IN State Museum every 10 minutes to take a water break and then had to sit down a few times to rest at the end. I had run 15 miles and was struggling to keep going because I was exhausted so I decided to drive real quick to the gas station and buy some food, then finish the last 3 miles. I picked up my favorite foods (pretzal combos, cinnamon poptart, and blue Gatorade), ate them in 2 seconds, and drove back to the canal. I was about to finish the mileage when I decided to go hang out at the frisbee field since I had already been gone a couple of hours.

Then when I got to the field I felt all nasty and sick and still hungry so afterwards I left and picked up an awesome, huge burrito from Qdobas. Then I got home, ate some, and still felt nasty and tired and fell asleep on the floor---then went to bed in my filth with salty legs and nappy hair. Trifling!

So anyway, I made it 15 miles and the good news is that my leg never hurt; I was just too tired. I don't know if it was worth all the pain and moaning though.

I woke up this morning and was still hungry so I finished last night's burrito then headed on the bike with the b-n-law and went downtown, ran 3 tiring miles with the burrito at the tip of my throat, then biked home. Now I need coffee.

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sparlingville bill said...

Hola Sra.,
Me parece que ya estas lista.
Por mi parte voy a Hell y voy a matricular para 100 millas en Woodstock. Te veo alla.