Saturday, January 8, 2011

Mornin 5 Miler

I didn't run yesterday so I could help the knee out a little bit and I actually stretched last night for about 10 minutes. I woke up and thank goodness, the knee felt better! Wow, stretching works. Go figure.

So Jon and I made it out for five miles this morning and I brought my new reusable hand warmers. So, they were too big to fit in my regular running gloves so I put them in big, fluffy mittens. They were awesome in the beginning and super warm and my hands got sweaty but then after 10 minutes, the mittens let the cold air in and then the warmers got stuck in their contorted position and no longer gave off heat. :(




Well anyway, I'm not off to a good start with this 50mi/wk thing. Gotta make it up!

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