Thursday, January 6, 2011

Six Goals for 2011

Well...I couldn't think of any more than six goals (half of which I stole from this guy) so here they are for 2011:

1. Run another 100 miler
2. Complete at least one 100 mile non-race week
3. Average 200 miles/month
4. Run at least five ultra races
5. Do at least two ab workouts 2x/wk (notice how I don't specify what a "workout" is)
6. Do a set of sprints 2x/month

I think #1-4 are attainable and #5-6 are iffy. I just can't make myself do any other workout other than running (and Zumba, of course). That's why I got injured back in April- for not strengthening any other muscles- butttt...oh well. Life's tough.


Bobby B said...

I may need to steal 1-5! I'm shooting for Hallucination 100 this yr as my first 100 miler!

The Laminator said...

Nice goals! I don't mind you stealing at all, especially when they are all so epid =0)