Friday, November 14, 2008

the beauty of trails almost forgotten...

You all will be very pleased to hear that I finally got a decent workout in yesterday. I went to the gym and did about 30 minutes on the Stair Master and then about 30 minutes of weights/other exercises.

I then left and finally went to Eagle Creek. I ran a stretch of 10minutes 4 times. I have to admit, I stopped for about 1 minute after each stretch- I was seriously tired. NOW, I'm blaming part of my tiredness on the fact that I had just gotten done with the weights/stair master thing and part of it on my own lack of training.

But holy moly- I had totally forgotten how much harder/different trails are than plain ole pavement. It's nuts! I can't remember the last time I ran on trail- probably the DWD-Hell in September.

It felt great to get out on the trails but it made me sad that they weren't super easy for me. I forgot you have to jump around, climb things (well, not really), dodge stuff, pay attention; all that jazz.

I like this blogger's summary of trails vs pavement. He talks about the common things trail running includes- such as you'll run slower on trails, you better slow down or you'll fall, no cars, etc.

Speaking of, I had a couple of close calls yesterday on the ankle rollovers. Almost every inch of the trails were covered in leaves and so I was very lucky to not have fallen on over the millions of rocks and roots.

So anyway, yesterday's run was enough motivation to get back out there more. We'll see what this afternoon brings.


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Clara said...

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DrT said...

Hi Clara,

I had not run trails since the Summer Buckeye 50K in July and now I am getting back... and I love them! The Fall weather is just perfect for trail running. I am looking forward to a 12 mile trail run tomorrow with a group, getting ready for the Winter Buckeye 50K in Ohio.

Brian said...

Clara & Dr. T,
Just came across both of your blogs for the first time. Very nice!

I saw that you're considering YUT-C in '09 Clara. I maintain the website for it and help volunteer. You're in for a treat if you decide to do it!

Clara said...

Hey Brian-

I can't remember how I heard about the YUC-T race but hopefully I can run it. You OH people have it lucky with all of these races and trails to run on!!! Don't take them for granted. :)

Anonymous said...

I think we heard about YUT-C at last year's Winter Buckeye.

I ran with Brian for a while, and we talked about it a little after wards.