Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Recap of Races Cont...

It's been awhile since I've recapped this year's races and so now's the time, before I forget everything. This is a continuation of my previous Recap of Races from the beginning of the year.

Kettle Morraine 100k- 6/7/08- This race was 31.5 miles out and back on trail. The trail was easy to follow, so you needed conversation to keep you interested. There were longer hills, although not too high, that required more hill training than what I prepared for (big surprise). Tons of rocks and roots that made your feet hurt at the end. I would do this race again only if I wanted to run this distance at a halfway-nearby place...otherwise I kind of got bored with the path. Oh ya, it's SUPER hot and muggy in June.

Silverlake 50/50- 8/23/08- I intended on running the 50 miles and I only made it about 17 or something. I didn't finish because of my own personal desire at that time- it did not have to do with the course. The race consisted of 4 12.5 mile loops on trail. There were a bunch of small hills that you could run up; nothing too challenging. The course in itself was interesting and kept you interested; or at least you had to pay attention to what you were doing. Speaking of- my main complaint was that the trail was open to the public and bikers would speed down the hills from the other direction. It was scary because a lot of times, you couldn't tell a biker was coming because of the careful! I would do this race again- or at least the 50k portion. Oh ya, the finish line is at the beach so you can rinse your sweaty body off afterwards! Yum.

Dances With Dirt- Hell- 50 Miles-9/6/08- I loved this race, as I loved the other DWD-Gnawbone race. It has a random trail path that you have to try to follow the whole time and pay attention to. You should expect to get really lost and should consider yourself very lucky if you don't. There are big and small hills- but it's fine if you walk up them. You go through nasty lakes, swamps, and mud bogs. It's a lot of fun!! Expect to get dirty and stinky.

Akron Marathon- 9/27/08- This is a paved race with a lot of long, gradual hills. There is a section with what seems to be a 3+mile long hill around mile 16-19 or so. There are some smaller hills near the finish line, too. Be prepared. The race is a good challenge and tests your strength. If I'm interested in squeezing in another marathon for the year, I might consider doing it again. Knees were sore afterwards, partly due to the pavement.

Columbus Marathon- 10/19/08- Flat, PR-able, paved, partly-downhill marathon. This is the race to run to qualify for Boston. The course runs through the city and through residential neighborhoods. Actually to be honest, I don't think I would have liked the race as much if I wasn't trying to qualify for Boston or to PR. It's nice and all but nothing is exciting about it- it's just a flat course.


Running 2 Mohican said...

Great race year. You should be proud of your results!

Nick B said...

Hi Clara! Thanks for the recap. So you did KM 100K, huh? I'm considering that for 2009, but the 100 miler.

I see you're heading to Tecumseh...myself and 5 others are heading down as well. Shoot me an e-mail and let me know if you have any pro/cons on KM or Tecumseh. Thanks!

Happy Trails!
Nick B.

Anonymous said...

Hola Clarita,
A los tiempos que trato de comunicarme contigo. Dime una cosita, calificaste para el maraton en la ciudad de frejoles?
Tambien quise preguntarte si conoces una oportunidad de correr cien k para el 2009?
Gane tercer puesto en la caminata de Colombus, en 5:08.
Hasta la proxima.

Clara said...

Bill- Qué pasa?? Por qué nunca puedes comunicarte conmigo? pues...hiciste algo correcto esta vez. :)

Boston es la ciudad de frijoles? jaja, no lo sabía. Bueno, sí- califique por fin! tu estarás también?

bien hecho en columbus!!!! vi los resultados y estuve muy muy feliz! bien hecho hombre.

de única carrera en que he participado es la de Kettle Morraine. Es en WI. Me gustó...Tal vez pensaré en ésta otra vez si quieres correrla.

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