Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Summer Buckeye Trail---Mandatory Community Service???

I've never run the Summer Buckeye Trail but I have run the Winter Buckeye Trail (which is unfortunately already sold out). I had a really good time at the winter race and was looking forward to running the summer race in 2009. I heard that the summer trail was more challenging, but a lot of fun.

So anyway, I just got an email (see below) stating that there are new qualifications for the summer race. They are requiring (although I don't know how they'll keep track) each runner to perform 3 hours of volunteer work- either by volunteering during a race or by doing other work at a park.

I'm in a dilema. On the one hand- if you are lacking volunteers or if you just want people to help out more to be a good citizen and what not, I can see why you would want to make these 3 hrs be mandatory in order to participate in your race. On the other hand- this race is 5hrs+ from my house and it is very unlikely that I will drive to OH on a separate occasion to work for 3 hours. Therefore from what I understand, I'd be ineligible to run this race.

Here's the email:

"Summer Buckeye Trail 50K – New Qualifications for 2009
Every participant that enters into the Buckeye Trail 50k for 2009 will have to fulfill 3 hours of volunteer duty
This can be done through volunteering at a running event (road or trail) and/or volunteer hours at a local park
Many events and parks have opportunities to volunteer
Volunteer forms will be posted along with the Buckeye Trail registration form in the spring of 2009
If you have any questions please email Vince:"

Is this normal? Do you think they'll really get the same amount of participants running and volunteering to work the 3 hrs?

I know 3 hours is not a long time at all and that so many people always volunteer their time to help out during the races, for free and in the cold. Butttttt....why can't I just pledge to volunteer at some other random race that's near my house so that I can still run the race?

Vamos a ver...


Arthur said...

I haven't read that at all, but are you sure they require you to volunteer in OH? Are they promoting volunteer work, or do they really need that much help? Anyways, vamos a ver...

Running 2 Mohican said...

They are just encouraging volunteer at a race or park. This is very common in many Ultra Races that have forms to be completed by a race or park official.

You can do this at your local area and do not have to travel. They are promoting giving back to the groups. It is hard to find volenteers to work at races so that you can run in a race. But also trails maintenance is also tough as parks budgets are being cut and there are many local trail groups keeping the trails open for us all.

Pick a local interest and enjoy meeting new people.

I hope this helps.

Clara said...

Alright, thanks. That makes long as I can volunteer in Indy, I'll be fine. Whew.