Sunday, November 30, 2008

Tecumseh Disclaimer

Here's my pre-Tecumseh disclaimer:

Unfortunately I haven't run since 11/17. Ouch. I have been part-busy, part-lazy. All I will say is that I'm not expecting to have a great time for this race; I just want to finish. It'd be great to finish just one second before my last year's time of 4:58. Even though I haven't run in forever, I'll be depressed if I don't beat my previous time since that was my first run on a trail, and first run on more than one incline.

The race is one week from today...and maybe I'll get in one-two runs until then. Don't worry, I'll finally be done with school in a few weeks and my plan is that with all my new free time, I'll have a wonderful new training schedule for the first time. Woohoo!


Josh said...

Hey, do you mind if I barrow your disclaimer for my blog? lol. except I don't think I'm going to worry about beating my time from last year. I haven't run since 11/12! Good luck this weekend!

Clara said...

Woohoo! I'm so glad I won't be the only slacker out there! Good luck to you, too.

Nick B said...

Good luck, Clara. All 6 of us are leaving NE Ohio on Friday morning en route to Tecumseh. We'll be at the Inn for 2 nights. We extended our stay so we could just celebrate on Saturday night. It looks like we'll be headed to the Upland Beer brew, it looks pretty good. Luckily for me, it's my first time at Tecumseh, so I don't have any times to beat!

Clara said...

Good luck to you guys, too. Maybe I'll see you out there. Good idea with the brew pub; I've never been there but it sounds fun.

Here in the city there's about .25 inches of snow...we'll see what this weekend entails.

Anonymous said...

Hey Clara:

After you left me in your dust after Indian Hill I ran into Josh, who ran the Mohican the same year as me. I told him that I ran into a young woman who was interested in the Mohican and he said "was her name Clara?" Small world, eh?

Hope you had a great time. It was nice to meet you and I will see you on the trails.


Clara said...

Hey Brian!
Good to hear from you; how did you finish? Sorry I have left you! I don't know what happened- I somehow had a boost of energy. It was fun chatting with you for those miles, though.

That's so funny that you ran into Josh- I was looking for him but didn't see him.

Hope all is well- I'll see you at Mohican in 09!