Wednesday, November 12, 2008


I'm trying to force myself to exercise more but it's getting hard...and I keep eating sweets in the meantime- DANGIT.

I realized I wasted 25 minutes yesterday on the elliptical. I never get on it and I decided to get a different cardio workout yesterday. I chose the "hill workout" but didn't select a level since I didn't know how to. I noticed my legs were moving really fast and I was sweating a ton but after 25 minutes, it said I only burned about 60 calories. Once my friend came in the room I realized it's not a workout at all if you don't select at least a level 4 or something. No wonder it was so easy. Sooo....I got the heart rate up but it was a waste of my time. And even though I did it wrong, I still think I was burning more than 60 calories. Come on, I'm probably burning 100 right now by just typing this.

After the elliptical I went to the treadmill for just 2 miles. I know, it's dinky work. I hate the treadmill.

And I still haven't done a trail run for awhile now....dangit.


Running 2 Mohican said...

Find a saturday to come to Mohican and we will get a group together for a long run. You can get a work out, hill training and trail all in one day. It is a long drive but we will send you back wanting to go back to Mohican for the 100 miler.

Clara said...

Yes, it would be a long drive but it is definitely something to consider. Perhaps it'd be an option in early/mid December. Thanks for the invite.

Anonymous said...

You have an Eagle Creek pass, stop being lazy!

If you can't get motivated just do the DINO 15k or the Step n Stride 10K. Get out and get loosened up. Have some fun. Change gears a bit to at least get some mileage under your belt.

Then use that to start building on a routine to get out there every day again. Eagle Creek really is awesome with the leaves and the downed trees right now.

Clara said...

Ouch. Way to lay it on me, Chris. You're right, though. I need to start by doing short(er) runs, just to get myself out there.

Come on now, no slack? I just wrote a post that said this was the first time we've run the whole year with no slack at all???


Anonymous said...

It is only 22 days until Tecumseh!

You need to shake that rust loose, otherwise the cold will be no fun instead of sweet winter awesomeness.