Friday, December 12, 2008

12 mile run

Woohoo! The pressure of the blog worked- I made myself go run yesterday after work! My goal was to run 10 miles and I ended up doing anywhere from 11.8-12 miles.

Normally I wouldn't carry any water for a 10 mile run but I decided to wear my Camelbak so I could get used to having that extra weight on my shoulders and back. I'm going to try to remember to wear it on all of my runs- short and long- for that same reason. In the end, I was really glad I had it on because I was drinking a bunch of water throughout my whole run.

I also brought a Gu along with me, too, so I could do things the "right" way. I took it after 30 minutes and the green apple flavor was so nasty that I gagged and spit some of it back up...and that's with drinking a ton in between each bite. YUCK! Maybe I should start bringing actual food during my runs, instead of Gu, so my stomach can get used to digesting it...and so I prepare myself for a *****potential 100 miler*****.

It was around 5pm, 5:30pm when I was out running and so it was getting dark quickly. I ran on the canal, so I was running under different bridges and buildings and what not. All of a sudden as I reached the end of the canal, I ran out into the open and it was seriously like someone just turned the light on. The whole entire sky was super yellow all over and it was so bright outside- it was beautiful!!! I kept on running and the sunset was so awesome- I'm mad I didn't have a camera. I stopped for a second and looked at all of the downtown buildings off the canal- the huge moon, the blue sky, the red/orange/yellow clouds----ahhh....I loved it.

So anyway, I did about 7.5 miles on the canal and then ran towards home to finish up 4.5 miles around a one-mile-radius park. That was the mentally challenging part. It was already dark and cold out, and I had already run a good amount- so I knew I would be tempted to stop after 1 or 2 miles around the park. I kept thinking of the Boston Marathon and of how I might do a ****100 miler**** and so I made myself finish out all of the miles.

I was running at a good pace the whole time and I'm proud I made myself do it. I actually didn't wake up this morning already feeling full. :)


Running 2 Mohican said...

Nice Job out there running and great and kind of sick race report. Thought I would mention I bought the yak tracks and thought hey worked well but because of the way they sit on your feet they rubbed blisters. My buddy got the Katoula (SP?) and said they are great except they pick up leaves. I am sure there is problems with any set you get but thought I may share my experience.

Clara said...

Haha, thanks Rob.

I didn't even think about yak tracks and other sets affecting your feet- I figured you wouldn't feel them at all. Good to know.

Alan said...

Love the snow photo! BTW: you have been tagged: