Monday, December 22, 2008

Ninja Turtle? Ghost Buster? Randy?

Welp for some crazy reason I decided to go out for a run this morning, on the coldest morning yet, instead of the treadmill. It was 3 degrees out and it said it felt like -12 degrees. Holy moly.

This morning I was in the mood to go outside because:
  1. I wasn't at work
  2. I was in a happier mood because of #1 and because of Xmas coming
  3. I never get to run outside in the mornings
  4. No one would be outside to make fun of my mummy-looking-self
  5. I don't have pressing plans today so I could take as long as I wanted
  6. If Brian and his siblings could do it outside in the freezing, then I could do it outside in the freezing
I somehow made myself go 8.5 miles in that brutal weather and I somehow ran it in 1hr 11minutes, when it felt like I was running 15 minute miles. I was so bundled up I could barely move my legs; I had about 20 extra pounds on me.

I brought my Camelpak (I still get confused- is it Camelbak?) and tried taking a drink after 21 minutes of being outside. A freakin ice cube came out of it, no joke! All of the water in the straw was frozen! I've never seen that before.

Anyway, I'm glad I did it and it's all over. Now I just have to deal with a burnt-looking face. I forgot to cover up my cheeks against the wind; dangit.


Brian said...

You are a trooper. Are those pictures after you ran or before? Those are hilarious pictures - I'm not gonna lie, I would make fun of you if I saw you on the street and didn't know you. And then I would secretly be jealous that I wasn't out there getting exercise too.

Nick B said...

Hey, I was right there with you, Clara. I hit the at 4:30am this morning for 7 miles before work. It was 2F with a windchill around -15F. It was a great run. Today is the kind of day that justifies being called "that crazy runner"!!! No pics from me, though. Yours are hilarious!

By the's CamelBak.

Clara said...

Those pictures were from after running- hence the nasty line of sweat running down my back.

Man- I looked like such a dork out there! I liked having a face mask so no one would recognize me.

All of the time, summer and winter, I feel like a huge power ranger or something when I get ready to go run. I always have gadgets hanging out of one pocket, Gu out of another, and then a CamelBak, watch, etc. Ay ay ay

Brian said...

Haha.. You definitely look like a hero in a half shell! Nice job out there!

Josh said...

Thank you for posting those pics, they are so great, lol!

I will use this for motivation next week when I get to MT and it's freezing outside!

I haven't forgotten about your blog tag, I'm going to do it soon! Hope you and your family have a great Christmas!

Clara said...

Josh- Thanks; hope you had a good Xmas. I ate way too much and now I'm forced to try to do a long run today. We'll see. Come on now, time for that blog tag.