Thursday, December 18, 2008

No Excuses Now

Well darnit. I was planning on going to WI this afternoon and returning on Monday. Since I haven't done any Xmas shopping yet and the house is a mess, I was going to spend that following Tuesday and Wednesday doing those things---then Thursday is Xmas and all that jazz. So my point is, I sureeeeely wouldn't have had time to get in any runs until the new year.

Welp I've cancelled my trip now due to weather and after today, I'm not expected back to work until 12/29. SOOO, you better hold me accountable and expect a lot of good runs out of me. No more slacking!


Anonymous said...

We'll miss seeing you here in WI. Have fun with your time off!

Running 2 Mohican said...

I did the same for my Tenn run but I have to admit I did that two weeks ago...

bagdaddy said...

Chica you are crazy if you run a marathon a month. I have issues with my IT band that i cant seem to shake so I wouldnt run a marathon every month on pavement. Its just too much stress on the body. I prefer to train for only or 3 races per year and go after a PR each time. Let me know if you know of some good trail races to run. Take care

Clara said...

Heather- ditto, miss ya!

Rob- glad to hear that! :)

Spanish- pues...estuve bromeando con la idea de correr un maraton cada mes.
-I agree, pavement runs are too hard on your body and so that's why the majority of my races are on trails.
-So far, the best trail runs I have done are part of the Dances with dirt series- but that seems a little far away from you.

Lloyd said...

Clara- Thank you for linking the Fools 50/25k on your site. That is much appreciated!

Now get outside and run!

bagdaddy said...

Haha... I'm not spanish or hispanic but i did understand what u said after much deliberation (I took a few years in high school). But im glad you were joking about that. I got the nickname spanish from cross country teammates my freshman year in college cause i look like the guy from the movie old school. the name stuck my entire career. take it easy

Jeff said...

Hey, thanks for the comment. It's always good to see that people actually read my blog :)

Good luck at Boston. You'll have a blast!! I did it last year with my sister. The crowds are amazing!

Clara said...

Lloyd- no prob; sounds fun!

EspaƱol- thanks for the clarification. I'll stop writing to you in Spanish. :)

Jeff- I am really looking forward to Boston and just hope I don't get lost around there. Knowing me, I'll be late to the start line.