Thursday, December 18, 2008

Ultraholic Blog Tag

Alright, Alan, thanks for the tag. I don't want to disappoint you, though...I'm afraid my answers won't be too interesting. I am now tagging Rob, Nick, Brian, DrT, Josh, and Red. If you've already been tagged before, just entertain me and answer the questions. :)

1. What was your 2008 running highlight and running low?
-My 2008 running highlight would have to be Dances with Dirt 50 miles-Hell that was in September. I love the DWD series and they make it easy to run 50 miles. I actually didn't get lost during this race and I had a BLAST running through the lakes and mud bogs, and speaking a few hours of Spanish with Bill. It was great. I also have to say that the Columbus Marathon was a for sure highlight since I finally qualified for Boston- woohoo!
-My 2008 running low would have to be Silverlake 50/50 in MI in September, because it was my first DNF... Ohh well.

2. What race are you secretly planning on doing (or contemplating) for 2009 but haven't made it known to the public....until now.
-Unfortunately I don't think I have a good answer for this one since I've made all of my thoughts public already. I'm a tiny bit considering running my first 100 miler in 2009- either Mohican or Burning River if I'm in town for it. I've been scared of the training that a 100 mile race will require; I'm scared of running 25 miles one day and 35 the next, on a regular basis----however, I think this morning I just had a revelation. A 50 mile training schedule says to do the same thing, run long distances back-to-back. During my "training", I never did back-to-back long runs and I was able to do 2 50 milers and 1 100k. SO what this means is, training is overrated and that I'll be fine for a 100 miler! :) :) :)

3. Where would you like create and direct an ultra that (to your knowledge) none exists?
I have no idea, considering I just stay around my little hometown and don't get out much. Maybe around the Grand Canyon. Do they already have one there?? Dangit, I just googled it and there's already a race there. Hmm...I'll keep thinking about this one.

4. What is your "primary" race for 2009?
Boston baby!

5. What is the most exciting thing about your upcoming race schedule?
Boston and a potential 100 miler.

6. List your planned races for 2009:
-Mayybbe Land Between the Lakes 60k/50m in March, mayybbe Fools 50k in April, Boston in April, DWD Gnawbone 50m in May, a 100miler? in June or August, DWD Hell50m in September, and 100m or 100k with the Pinckney, MI races in November (more info to come).


Nick B said...

I just have to comment about training for a 100 miler: I posted this question to the UltraList awhile back and saved many of the responses. I've also spent HOURS on the trail talking about it with others. There are those with the mindset that you have to do 70, 80, 90 mile weeks. There are also MANY others who have great success on 40-50 mile weeks. I believe the consensus, though, is that you need time on your feet and also time in the dark. A 20-30 miler one day followed by another 20 miler the next day is not a bad idea but need not be done over and over. L O N G, S L O W distance best mimic race day and what you'll face. Plus, practicing nutrition that you'll face on race day. For me and my one (or TWO!) 100 miler next year, I'll not go over 70-80 miles, if that. I simply can't give that much time. But I will spend the time on my feet best simulating race day. (kinda silly to call a 100 a least for me, that is!) Best of luck to you!

Alan said...

I have done a few 100 milers and I honestly don't think I ever had a week where the mileage came close to 100 miles (unless I did a 50 mile race that week). I average 40 or so miles a week. Granted, I don't win the races. But I seem to have a decent finishing rate. I think the secret (for me anyway) is to get some good quality long runs in and then supplement those with shorter but faster runs. You have some great runs under your belt - you can do a 100 miler. I really believe that.

BTW - nice toes on your home page :)

Clara said...

Nick- you make a great point about the training and I agree with you. It helps me out knowing I won't have to kill myself so much during training to finish a 100 miler. Thanks for the advice.

Alan- same to you. You have run many, fast 100 milers and so what you say is encouraging. I'm seriously going to try to work on running shorter, fast distances now- something I've slacked on thus far.

I'm so happy you like my feet.