Friday, January 23, 2009

A bet at work puts the pressure on

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Well unfortunately the director of the company that I work for learned that I run long distances. He also learned that another employee at our San Antonio facility is a runner. The difference between me and the other runner is that I am slow and he is fast. He ran his last marathon in 3:30, but he walked about 6 miles and was sick. I think he ran another marathon in 2:30 or something crazy.

So anyway, the cmpy director is a competitive guy and wants to have a bet between us. We're both running the Boston Marathon this April and the director is going to use this Heartbreak Hill Striders Age-Graded Calculator to find out who's the better runner. If he's better, then the San Antonio employees will get a free day off work. If I'm better, then us Indy folks will get the day off.

Based on my results from my best marathon, I fall into the top 64% of my age group. The other guy falls into the top 88% group or something. Although I'm semi-competitive, I don't like this bet because the other guy is obviously way faster than me. There's too much pressure.

I just talked to the director this morning and he said that guy is running 90 miles a week. That's ridiculous! Who has time/motivation for that much? I thought my dinky 40 miles a week was good.

I told the director to change the bet because there's no way I'll win. I told him if we did a bet on long distance races (such as ultras), I'd be happy to win that one. I challenged the guy to run Land Between the Lakes 50 Miles or Mohican 100 Miles with me but it's 100% doubtful he'll try it.

Anyway....I might bump my mileage up to 50 miles a week in February just to get closer to him, but that's still far away from 90. Wish me luck!

*I just found out that I might get some leeway on my Boston finishing time. The bet might state that if I finish within x amount of time from the other guy, I win. Keep your fingers crossed.

**Okay...the bet is official- I have to finish within 40 minutes of the other guy's time. His goal time is 2:40 and so I am pretty sure (KNOCK ON WOOD) that I can finish by 3:29 (hopefully sooner). Also, this is that guy first's Boston marathon and I think he's only run 2-3 marathons in his life.

***The winner does not get a day off work. Instead, the whole facility will get a cookout in your name and a trophy up in the gym.


Arthur said...

That sounds fun and all, but I bet (at least it looks like it from what you've said) that this guy has run a few Bostons. Aside from him already having a million advantages, do you really want this kind of pressure on your first Boston Marathon? And your first time to Boston? Aren't you wanting to do some site seeing and relaxing? Wouldn't this put undue pressure on the whole thing, which might make the overall experience a bad thing?

Maybe not. Either way, just make sure you enjoy it.

Brian said...

You could suggest that minutes be deducted for each beer you drink along the way. I remember drinking 2 at Boston College and somehow still finished with a 3:32. =)

Clara said...

Arthur- I know...I HATE pressure but it's too late...there's nothing I can do about it. I have to win for our facility. :) I can't back out now. And this is this guy's first Boston, and I'm not sure but I think he just runs on flat pavement. SOOO, if I train a lot on hilly trail, I might have an advantage.

Brian- That is a good suggestion and I'm impressed you still ended with that time. Nice job.

Arthur said...

I was also thinking, you should just run and not even worry about the bet. I'd bet there's like a 87% chance that your boss is going to give both cities the day off. He'll say something about being proud of you both and wouldn't want you to bear the burden of letting your whole office down. So, don't even worry about winning, you'll be getting a day off either way. And you'll be a minor celebrity at work.

Running 2 Mohican said...


Yes that is pressure, but kick his $#& anyway. What a better training motivator?

Clara said...

Arthur- Don't you know about competition? I can't let someone else beat me!

Rob- You're exactly right! I'm going for it!