Sunday, May 17, 2009

Geist Half Marathon Race Report/ Chris and Jaime's Wedding

Chris and Jaime ran the marathon in the morning and then got hitched in the evening! WOOHOO! Congrats guys!

Jaime's friend made up wedding bibs for us all to wear while we ran. A couple people asked if I was getting married and the others congratulated me. Whoops.
I usually don't run half marathons but I did in honor of their wedding. It felt soo good to only run 13 miles and then be able to stop. I wasn't used to that. The unpacking afterwards was awesome too.
So anyway, I had an official PR today: 1:42:42...7:51 minute miles. The course was all paved and all rolling hills. It went through the super fancy, rich houses in the Geist area.
After the race we had a few hours to clean up and then we headed to Chris and Jaime's wedding. It was an awesome time!!!