Monday, May 25, 2009

Last Week's Recap

Mon- Off
Tues- 6mi
Wed- 12mi
Thurs- 10mi4mi
Fri- 10mi
Sat- 12mi16mi
Sun- 6mi

26/58 miles for the week- woohoo! Don't worry...I'll get my butt in gear and start running again.

I made a new friend last week, Bob, and he gave me the confidence I needed to know I can finish this 100 miler coming up. He's run a few 100s before and here are a few tips he gave me:
  • Eat mostly solids for the first 50 miles, liquids during the 2nd 50 miles (I guess at the end of the run, you'll get the calories and protein faster if it's through liquids...if you're drinking protein drinks or something like that)
  • When I'm at the starting line, I need to know and believe I'll doubting allowed at that point
  • I neeeed to be peeing during the race reguarly (during my previous ultras, it was a goal of mine to not pee at all because I didn't want to stop)
  • Go slow enough in the beginning so I can pass people in the second'll boost my confidence.

When I told him that I was afraid I hadn't been running enough miles per week to be able to finish, he said he normally only runs 25-40 miles a week and was still able to finish the that helped boost my confidence. Everyone is different and has differnt training styles and what I know I can do it!!

He told me about ice bandanas and how to make them (see here). I tried them out on my Saturday morning run. Since it was only about 67 degrees out at that time, the cold ice kind of hurt my neck...and I didn't like having something on my throat tied tight...but I eventually got used to it. I bet they'd feel awesome during a super hot run.

So I ran 10 miles Saturday morning and then 6 miles that evening. No miles yesterday. Hopefully I'll get a few in today and get back in the swing of things.


bagdaddy said...

I would say running a 100 miler off of only 25 miles per week is just nuts, then again running 100 miles is pretty crazy. What do I know though, I have only (haha, only) gotten up to marathon distance? It looks like you are training pretty good. Keep it up

Clara said...

I agree about the 25mi/wk thing but it makes me feel better anyway. :) If you just stop running 5 minute miles then you could run a nice 50 or 100 miler!