Saturday, May 17, 2008

Recap of races

I need to do a quick recap of my recent races so I can remember if I'll want to do them again next year or not. I don't think I've blogged about them all.

Tecumseh Marathon- Definitely do again. This race was so fun and like a long follow-the-leader game. There were a lot of big hills and sharp turns and narrow paths. That's what I like- a lot of course changes. I could be wrong but it seems like part of the Gnawbone race was on this Tecumseh path.

Huff 50k- I don't think I'll do this race again. Maybe I didn't like it because it was my first 50k on trail- I don't know. There were 3 11.something mile loops and the path was pretty boring. I don't think there were too many hills. You run along the road some of the time, too.

Buckeye 50k- Wow. I can't even remember this race. I believe it was in OH. I really liked this race a lot and I would do it again. I believeeeee it was 3 5 mile loops and 2 8 mile loops. There were hills but nothing too hard or terrible.

Land Between the Lakes 60k- Yes. Definitely do again. It was 3 11.something mile loops. Dangit...unfortunately I can't remember much about the course. I think I enjoyed it all. Again- some hills but nothing terrible. The last 1.7 miles sucked because you were uphill against the wind on the road with traffic. You can get over that part, I guess.

Sam Costa Half Marathon- I guess I'd do it again only if I wanted to do a race. It was a small race around residential areas and then busy streets. Nothing difficult, nothing super exciting.

ORRRC Marathon- This was the crappy Xenia race in OH. I'd never do it again. It was only $20 but it wasn't even worth it. You run on pavement the whole time and part of it is on a bike path and then the other is out in the country on boring, long roads with nothing to block the wind. No hills but it didn't matter- it was a boring path!

Lakeshore 50k- This is a paved path and the path isn't super interesting, but I liked it enough to do it again. It's close to home and cheap. It's fun seeing the same people as you pass each other since you're running a 5.something mile path a million times. The Spring path is different than the Fall one and the Spring one definitely had a ton more people on the course, since it's open to the public. A lot of times we had to wait for walkers or bikers to move out of the way so we could get by and you do a lot of dodging...but it was still fun I guess.

Dances With Dirt- Gnawbone- 50 miles- After much thought, I'd do this one again. The course itself was awesome and I enjoyed it all- it just sucked getting lost. Next year I'll try REALLY hard to pay attention to the course markings, and if I get lost, oh well. There were a LOT of rolling hills but they were good walking breaks. It wasn't too difficult to do.

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