Sunday, February 8, 2009

20 Miles Yesterday

I finally got to wear shorts yesterday and I ran 20 miles outside in 53-56 degrees, thus completing February's Ten More Miles! Challenge. I finished in 2:55, an 8:45 pace.

The run was surprisingly harder than I expected. Even though it was warm out the winds sucked. My legs were actually sore at the end of my run and even today. I can't remember the last time my legs were sore from a week of running (not including race weeks). It was a good feeling!! I ate a PBJ sandwich, blocks, and a banana in an effort to train the stomach to take whole foods.


Jeff said...

Next month is when the challenge starts getting really tough!

Clara said...

I KNOW. I'm not expecting to last very long. In March I should be fine because I have a 50 mile race...but I doubt I'll last through April. We'll see!