Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Boston Marathon Race Report

Keep in mind that if you want a short recap, you should see my previous post.

I stayed with my friend Kathryn, her fiance, and her future in-laws at their beautiful home in Cohasset...about 30-40 minutes away from Boston.

The expo on Saturday was a lot of fun-TONS of people-waiting in line for an hour to buy stuff...

The Red Sox game on Saturday night was awesome.

My bday last Sunday:

Pre-Race: Monstering it up!

Athlete's Village: Around 6:30am we all got on buses and took an hour long drive to the starting point. We waited in this big grassy area behind a school for a few hours until the start time. It was a tad bit cold.

                                                                              GO COLTS! (no wedgy)

At the start line:

During the race: I was really proud of myself for pacing myself each mile and not running too fast early on, even though I felt good. There were rolling hills but nothing too big or bad at all. It was hard to notice them because there were so many people to look at. I felt like I ran a great, comfortable race and am happy with my time. Each mile was a lot of fun with tons of fans.

This was right after I crossed the finish line- 3:39:52...Disregard the last 10 seconds of it:

Post race:

I had an awesome trip and had fun with Kathryn and her family. The weather was perfect. The Boston people are very nice. A lot of strangers would randomly congratulate me on the street. I hope to be back again to do the race again.


Brian said...

Congrats - good time!

That Lo-Carb Monster drink is my favorite energy drink. I thought I was the only one who liked it!

Are you going to get one of those trendy "26.2" bumper stickers to put on your car? If you do I will make fun of you out of jealousy for your accomplishments.

Clara said...

Ya- I always love Monster before my races. That's hilarious about the sticker. I hate seeing those on cars. They gave us one that I'll keep with my other Boston stuff but I won't display it! I did get suckered into buying a Boston jacket. Dangit.

Arthur said...

After I click on the individual pictures, is there any way to make them bigger?

Just kidding, congrats and you should be proud! I'll watch the videos later. And I hope you took more than two pictures of the Sox game?? :(

Get home safe!

Gary Robbins said...

Congrats on what looked like an incredible weekend!

Heather said...

I thought the photo of the writing on your calves was of you picking a wedgie at first! Haha, it seemed like something you might take a picture of! It sounds like you're having fun in all of the videos, especially right before mile 21 after the hill. Great videos!

Clara said...

Thanks Gary and Heather (and no, I wasn't picking my butt!) :)

Brian said...

Great pics and videos Clara!
Glad to hear you had a great time. I definitely enjoyed the crowds when I ran it.