Friday, June 20, 2008

Finishing No Matter What- Good or Bad Idea?

I cannot believe what I saw.

During a HS state cross country meet, Claire Markwardt from OH was about 8 yards from crossing the finish line. As girls are all around her crossing the line, she suddenly falls down. She immediately gets up and her knee starts to wobble and she falls back down. Girls continue to pass her, ignoring her as they almost finish the race. Claire then crawls the remaining 8 yards to the finish line- still being ignored (see Help). Even after she crosses the line, she's crawling away. Finally a guy comes and stands her up- which was probably a bad idea. He then carries her away.

It turns out that she had broken her tibia and fibula (whatever that is) during the race and didn't know it!!! That is disgusting! During the video you can't even see that much with her leg- but just knowing that her leg is breaking right then makes it disgusting! I almost got sick watching it, just thinking about it.

See her fall at 1:39 of the video:

Unfortunately she was supposed to be the maid of honor in her sister's wedding that night and had to miss the wedding.

One article just said that her leg had been sore two weeks before the race so she didn't practice too much beforehand. Now, surely she must have had some other kind of injury beforehand.

If she's only running short distances (3-10 miles, I assume) how did she injure her leg so bad? I know that's a dumb question because people can do anything to hurt themselves. So, I guess I'm just scared. If she broke her leg doing short distances and I'm over here running 60+ miles, when am I going to collapse and break a bone or too? Hmm.

Well anyway, awesome determination Claire! Good for her, I guess.

Good luck recovering.


Arthur said...

That seriously made me sick to my stomach to watch that. She looks like some kind of scary creature crawling to attack someone when she tries to get to the finish line. Anyways, that's really gross and I'd be scared too.

Brian said...

Oh man my whole body was cringing waiting for it. She stands up on it and it just collapses under her. That definitely makes me feel sick.

These girls couldn't have been running more than 3 miles because the clock is under 20 minutes when the girls start to cross the finish line.