Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Salt Tablets

Since everyone is telling me I need to make sure I eat enough salt during my long runs and since Chris is sick of me bumming salt off of him, I finally ordered a bottle of S!CAPS. I bought this brand because that's what Chris uses and because I don't know any better in regards to other brands.
I know the S!CAPS website says these tablets include all of this other junk that's good for you. Not like I'm a pro at web design or anything, but that website looks kind of cheaply made and generic. There's too much colorful writing and randomness. It looks like a big, phony advertisement.
SO the question is, is it really worth the money for these tablets and do they really work? Why in the world did I pay $18 for a stupid bottle of salt (about $7 of it was shipping, but still)? Why can't I just take a ziplock bag full of kitchen salt and drink it down while I'm running? That seems a whole lot cheaper. Isn't it all the same?


Arthur said...

I'm voting for: "Yes, you got scammed, please just use the ziplock bag of kitchen salt, like you would sugar and Kool-Aid."

Clara said...

Thank you honey. Haha.

Chris was talking about the actual content in those pills and that they do include other things/chemicals that help you...I don't know exactly what they are, but it sounds good anyway.