Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Sluggish Training

I had a wonderful week+ break of not running last week. I was tempted to run a little bit but decided not to push it and I knew my poor toes could use a break.

I ran last Monday for just 1.5 miles and boy did it suck. I felt sluggish and slow the whole time. AND for the first time my Achilles Heel surprisingly hurt a little bit, too.

That's a gross picture. It looks like the tendon is ripping open- yuck.

Well...I may be a little overconfident but I'm not worried about it right now. I think it was like that from the last race and I just needed to walk it out (or something). Dangit. I just read an article that said I shouldn't ignore the pain. Ahh well. What's "Dr. Foot" know anyway?

I probably won't run again until tomorrow and unfortuately it's tempting to take another couple weeks off running. Next race isn't until August.


Josh said...

Great job on the 100K at Kettle! I hear the conditions were brutal! I loved the pics of your toenails :) Hope recovery is going well!

Clara said...


That makes two of us who actually like my toenails- Ha!