Thursday, June 5, 2008

Pre-race preparations

Well the big day's coming up and I hope I'm prepared. I have confidence that I'll do fine- I'm just worried about the heat. It's been NASTY outside lately. So far it doesn't look like much rain, just some hot sunshine:

81°F 65°F

I haven't run since last Friday and that doesn't bother me. Despite what's recommended, I usually don't run much the week before races. It's been too hot and for some reason my legs have been achy.

I, of course, have not yet prepared my drop bags for the race, I haven't packed for the weekend, I haven't looked at the directions on how to get to my friend's house or to the race, I haven't finished washing my running clothes, and I haven't made meals for Josh for the weekend (which is a priority because he'll just eat leftover mandarin oranges in tupperware in the fridge if I don't prepare something, or he won't eat at all). No- I'm not worried about my procrastination. I work better under pressure. It'll get done.

This Saturday (I believe) is Chris's birthday and also his first attempt to run 100 miles. So when you all are nice and cozy in front of the TV and drinking a beer this Saturday night, and then when you all are ready for bed at 11pm or even at 4am, just remember that good ole Chris will still be truckin in the dark woods- on his way to finishing a long-ars race! Stay awake Chris, you can do it!!!!

We agreed before the 50 mile race and we're agreeing again for this race that we will only stop running if we are other excuses. The pressure's on.

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Arthur said...

Wow, 4 posts in a day. Just as a side note, there's nothing wrong with eating leftover mandarin oranges in tupperware.