Monday, April 20, 2009

Quick Boston Update

Update: See my updated Boston report here.

This will be a quick post about Boston for those of you that don't want to read a long arse post full of pics and videos tomorrow.

The weather was perfect for running: a little sun and no rain! I finished in 3:39:52 (and re-qualified for Boston) and felt great the entire time! It was hard to pace myself in the beginning because of the downhill portions. During the second mile one guy said, "If people are passing you in the first three miles then you're running a good race". I kept that in mind and made myself stay on pace for the whole race and it worked for me!

Initially I had a loose goal to finish under 4 hours...and then as I got closer to finishing, I wanted to finish under 3:40. This was my second fastest marathon (which when I think about it, doesn't sound very impressive), with Columbus being the fastest.

I polished everything off with a fat hamburger, fries, and two cider beers...and then an Auntie Anne's pretzal at the train station. Yum.

More to come later. All in all, a great day and weekend. Thanks for your support!


sparlingbill said...

Sra Clarita,
Te felicito, que bien hecho!
Que pena que dejaste la apuesta al lado. Espero que te divertiste bastante y que tu buen resultado te empuja hacia cien millas en Ohio.

Running 2 Mohican said...

Great job!

Clara said...

Muchas gracias Bill! El otro hombro lo corrio en 2:39- loco! Debes correr DWD en Gnawbone en unas semanas para prepararte tambien para tu carrera larga.

Thanks Rob! I hope your race went well also!

Heather said...

Woohoo! I'm so happy for you. Jim looked up your results last night, he was impressed. Can't wait to hear more on Wednesday!

Anita said...

I just stumbled on you blog, but this year was my first Boston and I had a few people give me also the Golden Nugget.."PASS NO ONE THE FIRST FEW MILE" That was a bit confusing..But it worked!! Congrats, You and I probably ran right next to each other! We finished almost the same time!!