Thursday, April 30, 2009

12 Miles Yesterday/Today

*Update: I just got done running the 12 miles today. I felt OK during the first 6 mile loop. I stopped at my car to eat a banana and fill up on water and then I headed out again. SOMEHOW I had a "partial-runner's high" and I was able to run the last 6 miles at a fast, 10% effort pace. Huh? Does that even make sense? It was only a partial-high because I still had to put out energy, but it was still a high because I was unintentionally running at a fast pace and felt a lot stronger then than on the first loop. That's a rare feeling and so it's always encouraging to have one of those good runs. (am I retarded?)

-12 miles on a hilly, paved course yesterday....a little tired at the end
-hope to do the same path this afternoon in the rain


Brian said...

Where did you find a hilly park to run in?

Brian said...

BTW, I just realized that thing we were talking about where you can select to be notified of follow-up comments when you comment on someone's blog... well you already have it on yours. :)

Clara said...

I just ran at Eagle Creek. They have 5k,7k,8k and 10k loops that I do.

How did you find out if someone emails me about comments? I know I get emailed when someone leaves me a comment but I don't know about follow up ones that I leave on other people's blog. Huh? Me confused.

Brian said...

Oh, Eagle Creek - nice that's not too far from my house.

The comment thing is specific to each blog. I just left a comment on your blog and I was able to click a checkbox that sends me an email any time someone else comments on this blog post. Blogger must have that functionality built in I guess. A lot of other blogs don't. If you're leaving a comment on someone's blog and they don't have that checkbox, then there's no way for you to know when someone replies to your comment without just having to keep checking the blog. Make sense?

Clara said...

Si senor, gracias.

Gary Robbins said...

Clara, yes you are retarded! Just kidding, it is funny how that runners high can find you sometimes:)

Dr.Rutledge said...

Hi Clara,

I've never tried running in the rain. Hope to hear how it went.

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