Saturday, May 17, 2008

Another good run

Has it only been one week since the 50 mile race? That is ridiculous. It seems like it was a couple of months ago.

This morning I ran for the second time since the race and my legs/feet/toenails felt great. No zebra legs this time, either. I ran for a good hour at Eagle Creek.

Chris had washed my mudddddy shoes from the race and they looked brand new. I wore them today and had forgotten it's been raining the past two weeks. So after running on the muddy trails this morning, my shoes are gross again. Dangit. At least I know I can still get a few more miles in them. They seemed to hold up pretty well. I will, however, need some new ones for the 100k race in 4 weeks. Any ideas on good trail shoes? I'm clueless.

I normally wouldn't have carried my CamelPak for a one hour run but I'm trying to put my "lessons learned" to use. I carried by CamelPak and was glad I did. However, I was wearing a small-strap spandex tank top and forgot to put on glide...that darn CamelPak killed my shoulders! I think I reopened the healing wounds from the last time I wore it. It kept bouncing around and hurting my skin so I carried it in my hands for the last 20 minutes.
Other than that, I felt great. I'm thankful for a surprisingly quick recovery.

I also packed two gus just in case I needed them...but I never used them. It's the thought/effort that counts.

I'm going to buy some salt tablets stuff soon and then hopefully I'll be good to go.

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