Friday, May 23, 2008

Got in just 30 minutes of hills today...nothing too exciting. I think I was the only one on the trails out there. It was pretty nice to be alone and with the rain. I'm going to have to wear a t-shirt for the 100k, dangit. That CamelPak rubs against my shoulders too much not to. But I really don't want to wear a long will be so annoying to wear for that many hours. What should I do? Just put on tons of glide every aid station?

I think if I have a good 100k race I'll try for a 100 mile race this year. However, I don't know of any that are semi-close to IN and in the later summer/fall months. Anyone know?


Brian said...

How many people run 50+ mile races? Is there a pretty big following for long-distance running? What about 100+ mile races? I didn't even know those existed. What's the longest race you know of?

My longest run is 7.2 miles (1 hour of running), which I've done about 10 times now, so I'm only asking out of curiosity - not because I think I could ever run that far LOL

Clara said...

I don't know how many people run them....I don't think too many, compared to those that run marathons and shorter distances. For the races that I've done, it seems like there's only like 30-60 runners. Those that run 100+ miles have very small numbers, too.

I know they have longer races than 100 miles...they'll do like just timed races. You'll have to run for 72 hours or something like that. (I think so, anyway). Of course a lot of people will actually take small naps and such for those races. I've heard people napping during 100 mile races because you're up for 24+ hours.

That'd be my problem with a 100mile race...I can't even stay awake for 24 hours when I'm not running.

If you can run 7.2 miles comfortably, you could run a mini marathon. If you run a mini marathon a few times and still feel good, you could do a marathon...After a marathon comes a 50k- which is only 5 more miles. After that, if you're still feeling good, you do 60K (37 miles) and so on.

As long as your body is holding up, it's all with perspective!!! As I've learned- make sure you eat right, drink enough, and get some salt intake and your body should be fine.

Thanks for the comment, even if you're patronizing me. err. :)

Brian said...

I don't think it's possible to patronize someone who runs 50 miles :)

Thanks for the tips. Maybe someday I'll run the mini. I like the idea of "milestones" - doing 13, then 26, then 31, etc. Seems like hitting those incrementing goals would make it easier, mentally.

Anyway, keep up the good work!

Clara said...

Just join a bet and force yourself to keep increasing your mileage. You can relate/remember- bets rule our lives.