Friday, May 30, 2008

Kettle Competition/ Age Factors

Looks like out of the 69 registered runners for the 100k, I'll be the youngest one. I only have one girl to beat to win my female age group- 25 year old Summer.

I calculated the average age of these 69 runners and it was around 42.7. I'm sure I messed up a little while counting all of those numbers but it's close enough. 42.7 is 18 years older than me. For this reason, I HATE when I tell people at work or wherever that I run long distance and they say "'s because you're younger. Do it now because you won't be able to later on when you get old". Give me a break!!! Don't try to say that the only reason I have endurance is because I'm young. I'm always the youngest runner. I feel like to an extent, people can control their physical health based on the desicions they make everyday. I can either choose to make exercising a priority and be disciplined to get my workouts in, or I can choose to put other things first and let exercise slowly dwindle out of my daily life. I know that for myself, I am going to choose to continue running, or at least being physically active, even when I have kids and get older and what not. Just like with relationships- friendships, marriages, etc. You can either choose to love your spouse everyday and spend time with them and make it work, or you can choose to let other things get in the way and slowly stop getting to know one another.

That's all I have to say about that. It's just frustrating when people make excuses for one's success or one's ability to do something.

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