Saturday, May 24, 2008

If only it could always be like this...

I have not been getting much sleep lately and I've had nice dark circles under my eyes for the past week. I went to bed at 11pm last night and knew it'd be a beautiful day today. I really wanted to wake up around 6am so I could walk Ruby and then hit the trails at 7am. I forced myself to set the alarm at 7am so that I could actually get 8 hrs of sleep. When I woke up this morning I definitely could have kept sleeping another few hours but I knew I'd regret it later.

So I forced myself out of bed and put on my running clothes. After I walked Ruby I was going to head straight out but since I'm tryyying to be a smarter runner, I made myself make me an egg and had some coffee with coconut creamer. YUM! I knew some calories would do me good. (By the way, how come that egg that I ate only 25 minutes before running didn't upset my stomach or feel heavy? Should I start running with hard boiled eggs then??)

I made it to Eagle Creek around 8am and it was awesome out!!! It is the perfect day today...just like CA. Why can't it always be like this???
Anyway...yes, I carried my CamelPak with me again and it did me good.
Rachmaninoff and I had the best one hour run in a long time. We ran by the lake and it was beautiful and relaxing....By the way, I didn't know so many people fish down there. There were millions of people at every little opening.

I think I get kind of bored if I run for more than an hour at Eagle Creek. I'm sure it'd be better if I was with somebody. I still don't know the trails that well either (and I hate maps) so maybe with time, I'll learn some set paths. One guy from another race said he does the same 7 mile trail loop there each week. What path is that??

I've run in some new shorts the past two runs and I think I like them. Think I'll run the Kettle in them. They're differnet because they're some spandexy material, but not super tight like biker shorts.

I still need to get one longer run in before Kettle. Maybe next weekend. So far, feeling pretty good.

Oh ya, I took Mark's advice and bought some protein drinks at the store yesterday for my longer runs. I ended up getting a vanilla shake or something from Ensure. At first I was looking for the drinks with high protein, low fat, low calories. Then it dawned on me that duh, when I'm running for 50 hours my body will be completed depleted of everything and I will want more calories. That's the whole point. So I think this one had 260 calories or something. Good enough. It'll be annoying to carry a separate bottle while I run but oh well.

Until next time.

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