Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Zebra Legs

Today I went for my first run since Saturday and it felt pretty good. I started running and I first thought, "ehh..this isn't so bad. I'm fine". Then after 1 minute I could tell my thighs were heavy and a little sore. I kept going and thankfully I had a really good run- 7 quick miles. However right after I finished running, I looked at my legs and both of my entire legs looked like they had brown polka dots all over them! They still look like it now. Of course I got scared and called my mom, the nurse, and she said it's probably just the blood underneath and I should just elevate my legs- Or that it's broken capillaries. That's gross. Will it go away? Hmm.

Should I not be running yet? If I feel fine already, isn't it okay to start running again? I've heard of other people doing it. Am I going to be one of those people who everyone thinks is a healthy runner and then all of a sudden I die of a heart attack? I hope not.

So instead of elevating my legs, I took my parent's dog, Ruby, for a walk- which brings me to my next topic. I need to practice speed walking. It's seriously a hard thing to do. AND, I've noticed during my previous races that a lot of runners walk a lot faster than I do. So...maybe instead of running I should just start walking fast, especially up hills. Good idea or waste of time?

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