Monday, May 26, 2008

Trail shoes

Today I stocked up on goods for the big race coming up. I had totally forgotten about blocks!! I love those! They're like fruit roll-ups. So I bought about 5 packs of blocks, 8 gus, and then a Snickers protein bar. Of course the protein bar had a tons of calories and fat but oh well...I'm trying to branch out on the food. I have so much food and only so many places to carry it. I'll have safety pins all over my body because I will NOT be wearing an old man fanny back.

I also bought some new trail shoes. I'm lazy when it comes to actually researching what kinds of trail shoes are good, and what ones for long distances and what ones for my type of foot. So I went to Dicks today and bought the only pair I saw...Adidas Exerta Trail W. I didn't talk to any of the sales people about it because I highly doubt they'd know what the heck they're talking about and I highly doubt they've run long distance on I just bought them and I'll hope for the best.

I normally don't run in Adidas. They felt fine when I ran 2 feet in them at the store.
They look like they have more traction on the bottom than my current Nike trail shoes.
I need to break them in these last two weeks because I plan on using them for the race, but I won't be doing any long distance running beforehand. I'll just bring them and my Nikes to the race in a drop bag.

At first when I went to the shoe section an employee referred me to another section for trail shoes. So I went upstairs and they had a lot of trail shoes but I don't know if they were necessarily shoes for long distance running. I saw a lot of hard core looking shoes from Colombia and Merrell (I think it is). Since I don't know anything about shoes I was tempted to buy one of those big, rugged pairs...but then leaned away from them since I don't remember seeing any other runners in those types of shoes. They're more for hiking, I imagine.

Any thoughts? I hope they'll be okay considering I didn't research Nike trail shoes before I bought that pair. I tried them on once, and then starting running a lot of miles in them and they felt fine. I don't even know why I buy specific trail shoes. When I'm on the trails and it's muddy, I still slip in them and still trip over stuff...can't really tell a difference. Oh well, it's all psychological. :)

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