Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Randomness at Eagle Creek

  • It was hot out yesterday and muggy. Yuck. Why didn't I bring water?
  • My new shoes were okay, I guess. I was aware of my left didn't really hurt but I was aware of it after 20 minutes. Hopefully after I break in my shoes they'll be fine.
  • Where do all of the deer go in the summer? I never see them anymore.
  • Why do all of the nasty spider webs come out in the summer?
  • Why are my legs a little sore after only running 35 minutes yesterday? Hmm.
  • Today's weather is awesome and I hope it'll always be this nice out. Maybe I'll run this evening.
  • I cut my ugly toenails off today...don't worry, I'll get pictures. My big toenail looks like a featureless face, like a ghost. It's scary and ugly. Looks like my time for wearing sandals has been postponed even longer now.
  • I had a great run yesterday because I was stressed and in a bad mood. Crappy workday = awesome run
  • Less than two weeks until race day...crazy!! Too bad I'm not riding with Chris there. I hate navigating on my own and printing off maps and what not. Darnit.

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