Thursday, May 15, 2008

Nasty toenails

My toenails are disgusting. They were already gross before the race so now they're even uglier.
See Nasty Feet and Goblin Feet and The Featureless Face and Ugly Feet.

For the first time my big toenail is going to fall off. It was big and purple and I could tell the toenail already "died". So last night I decided to pop the blister underneath the nail and drain it. I noticed that my whole nail was already gone and I couldn't feel it. It kind of just was hanging there, ready to come off. SO, I decided to start cutting down my nail. Sorry- it's gross. I didn't cut the whole thing off because I got scared I'd have some funky infection or something. There's a half-nail there now and I feel like there will be a huge hole if I cut it all off. There's no new nail under there yet. Now I have a bandaid on it and I'm limping. I'm scared I'll take off my sock and my foot will be green and I'll have to amputate it like that guy, Andrew Wells, who ran in the snow for 10 hours.

The little toenail next to the big one is nasty, too. I started to cut that one off and then the same thing happened. I just saw a big hole underneath and no new nail. I stopped cutting because I was afraid of what I would see if I kept going. Haha. Welp...wish me luck. I hope I didn't just screw myself and I won't be able to run forever now.

Vamos a ver.

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Anonymous said...

It'll grow back soon enough. Just be gentle with it.