Saturday, January 24, 2009

10.5 Miles

Yesterday after work I didn't want to run that much, but after the pressure from the bet at work, I made myself run 10.5 miles. Somehow I ran it in 1 hr 16 somewhere around 7:30 minute miles or something. Yes, I did measure the distance twice because I was doubting I could actually keep up that pace for 10 miles. Last night I did 15 minutes of abs right before bed.

I wanted to do 20 miles this morning (honestly, I did) but I have the Bop to the top in a few hours and I didn't think I'd be done in time since I had to wait until the sun came up. I'm HOPING that my legs won't be too cut up afterwards so that I can still run and get at least 10 miles in today. I'll take a lot of medicine before I run and just ruin my muscles for the day. You're supposed to get used to running on tired legs, right? Anyway, wish me luck on those stairs!


bagdaddy said...

So could you stop running so much. You're making me feel bad about myself. Thanks

Clara said...

Don't worry- I've been slacking a ton this week! Zero miles so far! :(