Tuesday, January 13, 2009

13 mile run in increments

It was freezing outside today so after work, I went to the gym there and got on the treadmill. I wanted to do 10 miles but after the first mile, I knew it'd be hard because as we all say- the treadmill sucks!

Somehow I was able to keep running, as long as I gave myself breaks off that dumb machine. I ended up running 3 sets of 3 miles, with a 5 minute walking break inbetween. Then I continued to run 2.4 miles, bathroom break, then 1.6 miles.

I averaged an 8:47 pace or something. Somehow I felt like I was running faster when I was running 9:05 per mile than when I was running 8:34 per mile, and the miles seemed to come by faster. It was probably because I felt more comfortable running at the slower pace so I didn't mind running that much. Hmm.

I learned it's a lot easier to run at work because different people come in and out during the time. I especially like it when others get on the treadmill next to me because I know they won't be doing more than 3 miles, so I always make it my goal to run a little bit farther than them. I know, it's dumb.

It would have been better for me to run the 13 miles all together, but oh well- at least I got the miles in. ANNND, I'll always be taking walking breaks during a 100 miler so this was good practice, right?

Dangit. I forgot to do ab stuff before showering. Oops.


Anonymous said...

Clara- I remembered you had a blog and decided to look it up! First off, I may not know anything about running but in the cycling world we always say that it doesn't matter how long the miles took you as long as you got them in (at least when you're so far away from the actual event) because the simple number of "base miles" that you put in can be the huge difference endurance-wise between you and the next guy on race day. I don't know if the concept translates to running, but it is encouraging hopefully. Secondly, I am having fun imagining you running at Pearson and talking to people as they walk by. Thirdly, your feet are way worse than I remembered. Buena suerte, chica!

Running 2 Mohican said...

Clara, you got the miels in and right noew your training. The 100 miler you will have breaks and walks so this is perfect!

Clara said...

Hola Jenny! As far as I know, what you said about cycling seems to apply to running, too. Good to hear. It's good to hear from you and thanks for the advice!

Thanks Rob!

Anonymous said...

If you stay inside tonight, you won't get to play in the big, fluffy snow!

Anonymous said...

I dont know much about walking breaks but I read somewhere that walking breaks dont hurt endurance. So I think physically as long as you get the miles in you will be ok. But I think mentally taking breaks like that teaches your mind to stop when it gets hard. Its a consistency thing: if you train consistently with walking breaks, i assume you will take walking breaks during the race. And that may be ok for you, theres nothing wrong with that. However, I think walking breaks would be more appropriate for distances longer than 13 miles.

Clara said...

Chris- I know. After you wrote that, I started thinking and when I got home I was realllly tempted to go outside and run. Butttttt then I thought that a nap sounded better so I didn't run at all. Dangit. Did you??

Spanish- Wow...what a great point. You totally called me out. Taking breaks during a run is probably okay, but unnecessary for a 13 mile run. Ha! So true! I'm lazy!Please continue to call me out and force me to straighten up some. I do need to get used to running and pushing through the tired times, and not just start walking "because I can". Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, been running all week. Trying to get the mileage cranked back up.

Last night was COLD. The low tonight is crazy low, but I still plan on going out for maybe 6-7. I don't think I'll run along the river again tonight though, since there are no windbreaks there.

Clara said...

Chris- Did you end up going out last night? It was frickin cold and it's frickin cold right now, too!!! Even IPS is closed- crazy! It's supposed to be in the 30s tomorrow so hopefully we can run outside.

Anonymous said...

After about half a mile my thumbs started hurting. I was worried about frostbite so I turned around and came home. There is a BIG difference between 5 and -5. BRRRR.

I'm looking forward to it being warm for Saturday.