Friday, January 9, 2009

10.5-something mile run

As usual, I really didn't want to run this afternoon but I made myself put on the clothes and go out. After 6 minutes I considered turning around and saying "screw it....I don't want to run so I shouldn't have to", but I forced myself to keep on truckin to complete the Ten More Miles! challenge.

I had put on tights and windbreaker pants to stay warm, and after 15 minutes I shredded the pants (and my hat) and carried them the rest of the way. A sign said it was 37 degrees out but with the sun, it felt a lot warmer.

I'm glad I'll reach my 40mi/wk goal this week (knock on wood) but it's almost as if I'm expecting a break after I reach this goal....but nope, I'll have to do the same thing next week. It's okay, I need to get into a different mindset. I don't think I've run 40mi/wk on my own for at least 5 months...that's sad.


Running 2 Mohican said...

That is training girl!

Anonymous said...

right on!!!!

Clara said...

Rob- I know I know I know. Please refer to my profile comments, "I'm the lazy ultrarunner". :)

Thanks Mike.

Jeff said...

Way to step it up!

Clara said...

Thanks Jeff!