Monday, January 5, 2009

Ten-More-Miles Challenge

Alright. So Rob called me out. We all know the reason I haven't been posting is because I haven't run for a week or something. I know you're sick of reading my stupid posts that keep saying I need to run, I ran, then I slacked; I need to run, I ran, then I slacked. Ay ay ay.

I'm going to get off my lazy butt and run. It's January now! I think the main reason I want to run is because I keep eating sweets and not magically getting fit.

So anyway, thanks to Rob for the reminder of the Ten-More-Miles! challenge that's going on; and thanks to Mike for setting it up. Please visit the website and join the challenge. It only costs $10. Here are the basic rules from the website:

"The running premise is that you must run a long run of 10 miles in January and 10 miles longer each successive month. The run can be a part of any race, or CAN walk the distance as long as it is consecutive. As the mileage increases past 50, I think it might even be appropriate that a nap is allowed, the same way ultrarunners nap in 100 mile races sometimes, as long as you get up and run right after...".

See- it's not too hard. February will be the longest I've run on my own in a long time (knock on wood). If you only make it one month, then good for you! You've donated $10 to charity.

Brian- you've done 7+ so make it 10!


Anonymous said...

Hey! Thanks for the shoutout. And now I want to run with you. I feel the same way as your description...sometimes I hate the training, but man I love running ultras.

I am in Columbus, maybe we could figure out a way where I can join a run with you guys out there, or vice versa?

Clara said...

I wish there was a "you guys out there" but unfortunately besides Chris, I haven't found a good group of long distance running people like OH has. I hope that changes.

However, that would still be great to meet with you sometime for a long run. I definitely would appreciate any company. Columbus isn't too far away.