Friday, January 16, 2009

13 consistent miles

After work today I went on the treadmill and SOMEHOW ran 13 miles without stopping. After Spanish called me out on my previous post, I made sure that I kept on going. I felt good the whole time, most likely due to the slow 9:05 pace with no incline. It's too bad that the treadmill makes my knees hurt. I hope to finish up the remaining 14 miles tomorrow. I haven't started adding other workouts yet but don't worry, I'll eventually ease into them.


Running 2 Mohican said...

That the way!

Josh said...

I can understand the reasoning for not taking walk breaks to build mental toughness. But, realize that you are training for a 100 miler and walk breaks will be necessary until (if ever) you become a ridiculous 100 mile runner (there aren't many that can run a trail 100 miler with walking.) It's good to be mentally tough, but it's better to be mentally prepared and practiced for the race you are training for. I would say the best thing to do is schedule certain runs where you know you will be running at your 100 mile race pace, walking hills, etc. Then schedule runs where you will run hard and not walk.

Clara said...

Josh- You make a very good point and I think will be helpful to plan ahead how I want my run to go, as you say. Thanks!