Sunday, January 11, 2009

Future Workouts/Advice Needed

I need some advice, so please leave as many tips/suggestions that you have.

I've just run 40 miles this past week and I plan on keeping it up. However, all of those runs were done on flat pavement and they were not that fast. In order to prepare for Mohican 100 Trail Run in JUNEEEE, I need to do more technical running on hilly trails. Furthermore, I haven't started to do any ab/other-body-part workout that I intended to do.

Here are my questions:
  1. In Feb., should I start doing 45mi/wk?
  2. If I do 45mi/wk, is it reasonable to include hill/sprint workouts on top of the mileage?
  1. In Feb., should I continue the 40mi/wk and just add some tempo/hill workouts and play it safe?
  1. What's an easy, doable ab workout that I can include after my daily runs?


Jeff said...

When I ran in college, we used to do core workouts after each run. We usually did 3 sets of 5 or 6 exercises, holding each one for 15-20 seconds. This site seems to show some of the ones we did pretty well - A tough one we did was lay flat on the ground on your back, lift your legs up off the ground a few inches, and hold it.

Clara said...

Thanks a lot for commenting Jeff! Good suggestions. I'll check out that (:() website.

Josh said...

I think 45 miles a week would be a safe mileage increase. As long as you feel comfortable with it. If not, 40 miles a week is ok for this stage in your training also. You've still got 5 months before Mo. As for the hill/trail training, as long as you do a few 50k's and ultras as training runs before June you should be OK, but one hill work out and one speed work out a week would be good also. I think speed work helps for ultras, but not everyone thinks this. When I ran Mo I noticed that my shoulders neck and back got pretty tired and achy. I hadn't done anything to strengthen them. I think push-ups would be a good exercise to add a few times a week. and planks, for your abs.

Nick B said...

Hey Clara,
Welcome to the "I want my own 100 Mile buckle" club! (I'm also a member!)
My 2 cents on your question regarding training:
For my 100 mile training, I will use my mid-week before-work training runs around home to do tempo/fartlek/speed work to keep that part of my fitness in check and keep the leg turnover going. The weekends will greatly slow down and include as much technical, hilly, rooty, rocky terrain that I can find with a focus on "how" I run it. (ie: hills, flats, and downhills) I want to mimic the 100 miler so I will train that way. I'll incorporate a few back-to-backs (see my blog post from about a week ago) that I'll do a few times as well. As Josh said, doing 50Ks during your training and treating them as TRAINING are important as well. For example, I'll run the Fools 50K in April as a training run and help mark the course/clean up the course for added mileage. I'll also try to replicate race day nutrition on those events as well. (boiled potatoes, PB&J, etc.) Overall, my mileage won't go crazy but it'll peak, briefly, around the 65-70 mile mark. IMO, more is not required.

Again, just my 2 cents! Best of luck as you dive on in!

Running 2 Mohican said...


I think you have pretty sound advice from Josh and Nick. That was easy. LOL


Clara said...

Josh- Good tips; especially about the push-ups. Push-ups sound awful to me but I think it'll help, especially if I wear a CamelPak the whole time (did you?). Thanks for the help!

Nick- Good tips, also. How much mileage per week are you doing right now? Thanks again!

Rob- Don't copout. Leave me some other tips.

Josh said...

Just don't ask Rob for any tips about how to avoid projectile vomiting once you get past mile 50 ;)

I didn't wear a camelbak, but I have no upper-body strength :)

Oh, and back to back long runs! Don't forget the back to back long runs! I think that was the single most important thing I did leading up to Mo. You'll need that experience running on tired legs.

Brian said...

Run hard & long when you feel good. Run short & easy when you're tired. Walk the uphills and fly downhill. Train yourself to be mentally tough and most importantly.. have fun!

Clara said...

Josh: Ahh darnit- those back-to-back runs scare me. But.....they seem necessary, I suppose. :)

Brian: Thank you. You are right- have fun (and remember I am the one choosing to do this)!

Anonymous said...

Hola Sra. Clarita,
Durante mi entrenaminto para DWD, yo corro millas entre los rieles del ferrocarril, tratando de pisar cada palo. Ten cuidado por varios razones; primero, hay piedras que no debes pisar, segundo, los rieles son hechos de acero, no te caigas encima de ellos, tercero, puede haber trenes.
Pero en serio, es una buena manera de practicar poniendo los pies en un lugar preciso y es bueno para desarollar la concentracion si no tienes caminos y cuestas.

Running 2 Mohican said...

Josh is right, the sure way to a bad race is to puke. Now that is some advice I can tell you will work. Avoid the puke. Take a look at some of the training plnas I gave you and continue to use the blog here and the ultra running sayers site I gave you. The best way to learn is just how your doing it. I told you before I can tell you some things I have done but with only 2 out of 7 attempts for completions I can tell you to continue to get some advice. Oh yea, run. LOL

Clara said...

Sound good Rob!

Clara said...

Bill!! ¿Me dices la verdad? ¡Nadie nunca me sugirió esto! ¡Me parece muy buena idea, en serio! Perrroo….no quiero que todo el mundo me mire y piense que soy loquísima. Pues, así es. Gracias hombre.

Alan said...

I see no issue with your 45 mile weeks. I like to jump in some "shorter" races such as a 50km 3 months out and a 50 miler two months out. Don't push 100% but better than 80%. That builds distance and a bit of speed. I will echo the statements about puking - I was flying at Keys 100 through 60 miles, but the puking ruined my race (blisters didn't help either). Jeff's reference to the foot lift is good - you want to strengthen your lower back and abs. Get that core solid and it will help carry you through the race. Good luck!

bagdaddy said...

You seem to have a lot of good tips out there but here is something I just starting writing writing and it got really long. I was actually going to write a blog about it enventually so i just posted it on my blog page as well for easier reading. Anyway here it is.

You want to focus on three things in this order:

1. Consistency- Dont run 50 miles one week, then 20 the next. Keep it steady. Train consistent, race consistent. Stay healthy, but keep in mind number 2

2.Volume- You want to run as many miles as you can without being inconsistent. I think volume is key. If you could run 100 miles without getting injured or sick, then do that. If you can only run 45 miles, then do 45 miles consistently. For me, 75-80 miles is the most I can do in singles while working 45-50 hours per week without getting sick or injured. At 80 miles, I am walking a proverbial tightrope. If I lose focus on rest and recovery, then i will likely get injured or sick. I think you should feel a little weak and tired during the high mileage weeks but not completely worn down or sick. Know the difference between and ache and an injury.

3. Intensity. After you find a comfortable, yet challenging weekly training volume, add in some speed/hill workouts.

Other Things:

Doubles- The best runners in the world run twice a day and it keeps you from getting super tired when trying to ramp up the mileage. If you are that dedicated, then do doubles (i know its hard with work).

The long run- THis is the single most important workout of the week. You must do this. My suggestiong is alternate a long run one week and a really long run the next (like 2.5 hours one week, the 90 min the next, and repeat or gradually increase).

Workouts- Workouts dont have to be killer but should be challenging. I think a combo of hill workouts and tempos are best for you based on what you are trying to accomplish. Fartleks never hurt either.

Do abs everyday. Yes, Everyday. The core is a unique muscle, you can work it out everyday just like you can run everyday. I suggest 15 min after every run changing it up every day (planks, med ball, cruches...etc). Do weights twice per week lifting light reps 3x12-15 with little recovery in between. You live in a relative flat area so some leg work wouldn't hurt to help you absorb the abuse from running up and down big, scary, traily, rocky hills. Also, since you run fewer miles than most ultra runners, doing weight training can help you increase your overall training volume without so much running impact.

For La Corredora: My Suggestion for you is this

-Run 6 days per week and rest or cross train the 7th
-Run one long run per week
-Run one workout per week (Alternate hill repeats and mile repeats/fartlek)
-If you feel up to it: Run two workouts per week, 1 tempo and 1 interval workout like hills or fartlek
-15 min core work after every run

Example weekly training program:

Mon: 45 min and weights
Tue: EZ 45 min and 8x100m stride
Wed: Workout- Hill repeats or mile repeats/fartlek (a simple workout I like to do is 6x6 min hard w/ 1 min ez.)
Thu: 30 min and weights
Fri:60 min
Sat:Long RUn 1.5-2+ hrs
Sun:off or xtrain

Ok that was long but it should be helpful. Let me know if you have any questions

Clara said...

Thanks Alan- good tips!

Spanish- Holy moly, thank you so much for taking the time to comment! I really appreciate it.
A few questions:
On #2 with Volume, was my last run (13 miles run with breaks inbetween---see my last post) bad or is that okay? And I liked your example workout, but I don't know if I can get as many miles in during the days with those short runs. (Am I taking it too literal and do I need to remember that was an exxxxxample, not the real thing? :) )
I liked the weight/ab stuff suggestions.
Thanks again!

Clara said...

Oh ya- What the heck is a "fartlek"? I thought you guys were joking when you wrote "just fartin around". Boy am I out of it.

bagdaddy said...

Yea it was a basic outline. Run as much as you want depending on how you feel each day.

Mon- Ez run and wts
Tue- EZ run + strides
Wed- Workout
Thur- EZ and wts
Fri- EZ
Sun- xtrain or ez run or off

Fartlek= on-off running. Like 1 min hard, 1 min easy. Basically just repeats at various time intervals. Example workout for you could be 3-4-5-4-3-2-1 min hard w/ same time recovery jog.

Clara said...

Spanish- Sounds good, thanks for the help!